El PecadoFINALLY!! I apologize for the great delay here folks (6 years to be exact)! I hope that for some of you it was worth the wait. The first thing I feel I should mention is that this was not intended to be the final mix/recording. After tedious mishaps with time scheduling and whatnot, our studio engineer decided to go digital, meaning our analog recordings became extinct! Sucks, but life goes/went on. Thankfully, my good friend Blakk from AngelKill re-mastered this little puppy for me! Thanks a million brother! Although there are noticeable flaws to my ears, and should have been better in quality, it is definitely 10x better than the first two demos, so I must not complain.

Anyway, an explanation is definitely due! This recording was produced in 1998 and was going to be released by Richard C. and Wild R. Records (R.I.P.), but as we know, he went under, so that sucked for us and everyone else involved! I had every intention releasing this recording after that deal fell through, but the band broke up soon after the recording and they didn't want to help out with $$ on something that wasn't, which makes a little sense to me, still yet...... All the money I was able to use for things other than my bills was used towards The Outcast, so....

El PecadoFor those of you who may own or have heard the first two demos, you will notice once you listen to the songs that all of the tracks listed on this site are re-recordings of all the older songs, with the exception of "Mi Testigo" and "Angel de la Enfermedad", a song I dedicate to Morbid Angel. One might also take notice the change I made on the lyrics and certain titles of the songs. The reason being that my beliefs changed course during the recording. I wouldn't have felt right releasing this with lyrics I didn't believe in any more, you know?

Now, I would like to thank the following for helping El Pecado out in every way possible during the time we existed. If I left anyone out, I apologize, it's been six freaking years folks!!

The first person I definitely want to thank is Aaron Jones for the layout and all the other stuff he's helped me out with in the past. Not only with El Pecado but with The Outcast as well! Gracias chico!! Saludos Mariona!!

First off, The Creator, for everything that he has shown me and taught me! Trevor, Tony, Brian, Jason, Matt and Eric, for making this possible and for giving me the best four years of my life, although a bit unhealthy!! :) I miss you guys!! Dave K. and LIVIDITY, Von from DEADEN (R.I.P.), The whole TEAM AIDS (R.I.P) crew for all the fun times and for the friendship. Impetus (R.I.P.), Evan and AVULSION, everyone in Annihilate the Hero, Justin and A.O.Y., Andy and Lunatic, Nico and Y.S.B. (R.I.P.?), Andy George (where ever you may be), Saludos a Dani y a Rafa en Mexico y a todos los de mas en Aguas Calientes y el D.F. por el apoyo. Saludos a todos los que puedan leer esto!! :) Saludos a toda mi familia. Saludos hermanos Lament! A big hello to Lieff (The Outcast!!), Juan Araniva, Matt and Sharron (miss you guys!), Paul and Rob from The Dark Hour (R.I.P.) for all the support (ya bucket heads!), the dudes from Drogheda, A big hello to Julia (where ever you may be), Elisabeth and Adam (where ever you guys may be) Dea and Metal Mafia (where ever you may be), Jill and Razorback Records, all the 'zines that reviewed our demos, even if you thought we sucked. Hello to Luke, our forever faithful ex-manager Bill Yates (good luck with everything bro.!), Josh "Rock" Plemon for the never ending support with every project El PecadoI've been involved with and thank you for letting me use your computer while I was working on issue #3/#4 of The Outcast. A big hello to the S.S.B.H. crew (R.I.P.), Cheers to John and Andrea Dees, A big super-dooper hello to Tambourine Terry R and his familia! A big hello to all my other friends world wide, you all know who you are. A big hug and kiss to my family. A big hello to David and The Dark Arts for the cool artwork and for the help with The Outcast (why did you quit writing me??). A HUGE, HUGE hello to Chris! PIZZA HUT ROCKED!! (God? Yeah right!!), Clayton, Josh, and all my other friends from Farmington, MO., Aaron and Kelly P. (miss you guys!!), The 17th St crew, although you guys hate this!! All the radio stations that played our stuff, and last but not least, I want to thank the fans for waiting this long and for the unconditional support, even after all these years!!

Quiero decirles a todos los que escucharon los primeros 2 demos, que las palabras y las creencias que tuve, era por el odio y todo lo negativo que tenia adentro. Hay mucha mierda en este mundo, pero si hay un Dios que nos ama. Es difcil creer en lo que no se ve, pero habran su corazon y lo veran. Te digo esto porque he sentido algo que no es de este mundo. Hay muchas cosas que te pueda hablar acerca de lo que senti. Si gustan oir mas, escriban me. Mis ultimas gracias se las doy a Dios. Gracias y adios.

(Mike) Miguel Francisco Coles

El Pecado was and always will be:

Mike C. - Vocals
Trevor M. - Guitars
Jason B. - Drummer during 1994/95
Tony L. - Bass
Brian C. - Guitars
Eric P. - Drums
Matt H. - Keys on track 13 (1994-1998)

Title of the CD "Engano?"

1. Yo Confieso *
2. El Odio *
3. Mi Testigo (1997)
4. En Soledad *
5. Buscandote *
6. Encontra De *
7. Angel de la Enfermedad (1997)
8. Abriendo la Puerta *
9. El Dia Viene *
10. En Su Nombre *
11. Mi Senda *
12. Mi Salvacion *
13. El Principio.... Del Final *

* Music originally written in 1994/95

Recorded @ ROOM 12 RECORDINGS - As I mentioned, he's gone digital, so please don't judge this recording with what he does now. He has improved immensely with his programs and as a producer over the past 6 years, so......