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Looking back..........

June of 2001, final issue of The Outcast is released by Mike Coles.

Six issues released..........

(Intro. from printed form issue #6)

"The End of A New Beginning"(unless Lieff chickens out!)

Waste - 1. To use up or spend without real need or purpose; make bad use of [to waste money or time]. That is the question I'm asking; "Was The Outcast a waste of time and money and was there a real need or purpose?" Well, let us now look at the thoughts that my mind has gone through these past few months.

It had been five years since I had last gone down to my home in Mexico City. It was somewhat strange stepping out of the plane and seeing a whole new world before my eyes. I had almost forgotten the depressing nature of a third world country. Living in the land of materialism and false happiness (the U.S.A.), I was overwhelmed by the things I had forgotten. Maybe not forgotten, maybe just put in the back of my mind, trying to forget the things that I had left behind when I moved here.

So there I was, walking around, children begging, motherless, fatherless, left for dead. What was I to do? Give them all the money I had? Buy them food? Adopt them? So many questions going through my mind. The only thing that kept racing through my mind while I was down there were all these people, young and old, living in the streets. And where was I? I was in the good ol' U.S.A., sleeping comfortably, warm, eating well, and spending thousands of dollars on paper informing the world about heavy metal and other musical styles. The thought about me spending thousands of dollars on paper while all these kids were starving definitely hit me like a ton of bricks! "What am I doing?", I kept asking myself. Feeling guilty yet? My intentions aren't to make you feel guilty, for we each carry our own convictions. I've been expressing my thoughts concerning life since day one with this mag and I'm not about to stop now, you know? :) On top of that, hopefully the few that might be reading this won't think I'm some self-righteous- egotistical kinda guy, cuz I'm not. I just speak my mind!

Anyway, back to the point of my story. The fact that you are reading this now may be a contradiction, considering I have spent some money once again on paper. But thankfully I didn't spend thousands of $$ on this issue thanks to the few that helped me out with ad support, and not to mention Lieff. Although I had financial help releasing this issue, I kept debating with my self whether or not to release this issue for various reasons, but decided to release it nonetheless. My first reason and main reason I still released this issue is for the fact I traded HOWLINGBULL RECORDS an ad space for this issue, so I felt obligated just for that reason alone. Another reason why I went ahead and released this issue is because I felt unfinished. In other words I didn't feel complete. I felt like this was my last chapter with the zine. Also, I never leave anything or anywhere without saying goodbye, so... Now, the questions remain unanswered. Was The Outcast a waste of time and money and was there a real need a purpose?

Was there really a real need for another mag in the underground? In my opinion, no. But I think and I hope that though tons of fanzines exist, my creation had somewhat of a purpose in existing, not just by spreading the word of heavy metal and other musical styles.

A purpose? Was there a reasonable purpose? Well, I'll leave that up to the reader. A waste of money? Well, that all depends on how you look at things I suppose. Was it a waste of time? Well, I can look and answer this question in many ways.

1) It was a waste of time, due to the fact I could have used this time to do something a bit more productive than spreading the name of metal and other musical styles. It's just music folks!

2) It wasn't a waste of time because I had a lot of fun doing it and it taught me how to publish, edit, and put together something that wasn't easy at all. It was a mighty task doing everything in Corel WordPerfect, especially layout, trust me. Those reasons in itself were worth my time. It taught me a lot!

3) It wasn't a waste of time because I could/may use these down the road in my resume.

4) It wasn't a waste of time because if my timing would have been better when I enrolled in school the mag could have landed me a scholarship. Better luck next time, eh?

5) It wasn't a waste of time because I was able to make people think with the things I had to say concerning my life experiences and my personal opinions.

I think that's all really. The last reason was definitely worth all my time. It was really nice reading the letters saying that the opinions I expressed about life and about Christianity had made them think more about what they believed in. It was also really cool meeting all the people that I met these past six years, even if we don't all write to each other any more. You are ALL in my memory and in my heart. Yes, I know, that was really gay, but I mean it! Overall, it was a blast.

Anyway, so what's next for The Outcast and for ol' Mikey? Well, I'll tell you. As for the mag, I was considering ending it completely, but then I asked myself; "Maybe Lieff would like to take over?" Oddly enough, Lieff/Mauricio said yes. He has no idea what he's getting into. Suffer! Of course you can imagine the changes that will occur. I think he mentioned something about changing the name or adding to it or something like that. I know for a fact that he won't be putting the personality (my personality) into it like I did, but hey, to each there own, right? The Outcast will not be the same in other words. The Outcast will be all metal oriented and less talk/stories. Not only that, it will be more of an underground zine. He has informed me that he wants to support more of the unknown acts than anything else, so that's cool. So to those of you who liked what I had to say, thanks! To those of you who despised what I had to say/preach, well, goodbye!

As far as what I'm going to do with my life, I will be the co-editor to the underground publication TUMBA VACIA(hola hermanos!!). It's a metal zine based out of Mexico City. I will be translating everything into english (zine will be 1/2 in English and 1/2 in Spanish) and I will be helping out with distribution, and of course I will be putting in my 2cents. I'm also going to concentrate on all the other things I need to concentrate on (too many to print!), so...

Before I let you go, I must also add that due to time and money, I was forced to cut out the poetry section and the zine review section. Lieff felt that the album reviews were more important and I had to agree. And once again, if you don't see your review in this issue, Lieff will take care of that soon enough! Also, the interviews I wasn't able to include in this issue (S.O.D., Earth Crisis, Gorgoroth, Morbid Angel, and Dismember...Sorry guys!) will either be in the next issue of The Outcast or/and in Tumba Vacia, so...

In closing, I just want to thank everyone who has supported me and my work throught the years, andI hope you enjoy Mikey's last issue with The Outcast.

Thanks and hails to; Jesus Chrsit and the one and only God. My family. All my contributors, past and present. All the labels and bands that sent us stuff to review, even if we thought you sucked. All the zines I treded with. All the people/bands I've met. All my friends world wide. And an extra thanks out to those who actually bought the mag! Thanks and keep it real! I'm sure some of you will hear from me again in one way or another.

(Lieff's Outro/Intro. to Issue #6)

Brief introduction by Lieff (The small details! Eh Lieff? - Mike)

Dear reader of The Outcast: Welcome to issue no. 6. This is the last issue that will be put together by Mike Coles, the long-time editor of this zine. Fear not, because The Outcast will continue! Mike has decided that this is his last issue. He is now moving on to other things that will consume his time, dedication, money, and frustrations. Well Mike, I wish you the best luck in whatever you do. (Gracias homey!) Don't be a stranger. (Never!) No need to give a histroy lesson here, but mike is the individual responsible for getting the zine this far, because without his hard work, it simply would not be here. He could fill pages telling y'all about the frustrations invloved in putting an issue together, the time, the money, the love, etc.... Now, future issues will be a little different, but will still be done with the same metal spirit and attitude. For upcoming issues, I will concentrate on lesser known metal bands, more of the up- and-coming, more of the overlooked and underrated, etc. But enough of this introduction stuff. Let's get down to business: 1. Bands: send me your releases, demos, records, tapes, CD's, and whatever else you have for us to review! 2. Labels: send us all your promos (and jewelry and Nike shoes)! The Outcast reviews every single submission. If you send it to us, we guarantee a review. If your band is not reviewed here, it's in the next issue. If your band still does not appear in the review section, this is what's happend: A. YOU did not send it in at all, in that case, it's almost impossible to review it because it's really difficult to review music that we do not know actually exists, or B. it's gotten lost in the mail. Check with us to see if we have received your submission. Send all your submissions, money, clothes, canned food, and safety pins to: (look over there.)



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Interview with Robin and Andrew Mandell of Ballydowse

Interview with Nathan, Boy Sets Fire vocalist

Interview with Victoria S. of Damad

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