Mike's Metal Moments & Other Assorted Memories

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Brian and I
Halloween 1996 - a friend nicknamed me Euronycoles
Tommy and I on Halloween 1991
John Boy, Kell-bell and Cyric
Charles, Claxton, and Graveworm, Metal Fest 1999
Charles being Charles, Metal Fest
I can't recall their names to save my life
Disinter vocalist Zion
Dea and I at Metal Fest
Abolisher dudes, other dudes I don't know, Mauricio, and I at Metal Fest
Mauricio and I
Gore Schmaggler and Suicidal Brutalizer, on our way to Napalm Death in TN!
The matching couples (Manuel, Maria, Fabiola y Miguel - Houston, TX.1989
Cindy and Mike (TX.)
Russel N. and I, Halloween 1990 (TX.)
My Queen of Diamonds and I, Halloween 1990
Jose Medrano, the man who introduced me to metal

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