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I really like the vocals: it’s the type of growl that sounds black and death metal at the same time. It’s pretty oldschool type of growling. The music itself is symphonic, neoclassical metal. The symphonic element is achieved through lots of guitar work that sounds like violin music played on guitar. It can sound like wanking and noodling, but it makes sense after a few listens. The marching sound of the percussion and keyboards, of course, add a whole lot to that neoclassical feel, too. The music is midtempo and dark, but melodic at all times. The production is not that great, kind of rough, but it’s acceptable. This band is from Finland and they do sound quite a bit "Finnish." However, most of the time the music sounds very neoclassical and dark, much more than other Finnish bands playing this style of music. By the way, I went to the band website and it did not work, so it’s probably better to try the label’s website.  




Mauricio Araniva  






This split album features recordings from 2005 from both bands. Heaven Shall Burn features "Unleash Enlightment," "No One Will Shed a Tear," "Nyfaedd Von," If This a Man," "Downfall of Christ," and "Destroy Fascism." Heaven Shall Burn sounds heavily influenced by At the Gates, especially in the vocal department. The music is melodic thrash. I guess this is supposed to be hardcore, but I don't hear that. The guitars are pretty downtuned. Overall, the material is pretty catchy, though I don't hear the genius that other people hear. It's good, not great. It's pretty aggressive and heavy, actually, but not anything particularly overwhelming. The speed is fast and thrashy, with the breakdown parts. There are no clean singing parts, only screechy growling.  

Caliban contributes "The Revenge," "Arena of Concealment," "One Day," "A Summer Dream" and "One More Lie." Caliban is more hardcore. The thrashy riffs are overcome with the hardcore notes and more breakdowns. In addition, the harsh vocals are combined with clean singing that sounds like Papa Roach to me. The music is more melodic and more memorable than the other band, but they also sound more metalcore. In truth, this is pretty good stuff, pretty catchy. It's just that there are a million metalcore bands in 2005 and many, many of them are "pretty good."  



Mauricio Araniva  






Most who know of this band, have heard only two albums by them: "Flesh Power Dominion" and "My Passion Your Pain". I have not heard "Passion", but I think "Flesh" is very enjoyable, very memorable melodic death. This 2-cd set comprises their early material, which is 2 full albums, mcd and demo stuff. The sound quality is surprisingly good. The quality of the songs is good, too. The vocals are pretty guttural/traditional death, but the addition of melody via the guitar is what makes the big contrast. I didn't realize this band has this type of history and so much good unreleased material. Definitely a band for fans of melodic death [without the hardcore influences].  


Mauricio Araniva  






This was a wonderful surprise. After having heard this album a ridiculous number of times, I find that it's cool that I understand--or at least, that I enjoy--something this different (for me, anyway). Also, I think I prefer to listen to this on headphones. The fullness of the sound, the brooding feeling, the grey-skies-ness of the music really does sound better up to your ear. At any rate, this album goes to show you that if you listen to music and let the music take you places, you can find new things that are fun, even though they are different. I was so convinced this album was not good. It sounded like another boring, slow band with growled/screamed vocals. However, I think I get it now. This band is really good. First of all, the vocals are growled/screamed, but they fit very well with the doomish, sluggish, dissonant guitar work. The vocals are "mature" (I know that sounds silly) and it's not about trying to sound angry and all-macho/gorilla or whatever. The desperate (again, this word is not right) feel of the voice sounds pretty cool. The music is not fast or superslow, but it's on the doomy (it's not doom metal, though), melancholic, heavy, melodic (but not sweet) and memorable tip. Some people say this is art rock, prog rock, blah, blah, blah.. This is metal and it's not metal. It's not Slayer metal, but it certainly has a moody, dark guitar sound that, to me, does have a 70s Black Sabbath influence to it. One band that I have heard recently that has a vibe that is sort of similar is Buried Inside. These guys probably consider themselves a hardcore band, but it's not the Hatebreed/Agnostic Frost type of hardcore. This is actually more the Sabbath/Candlemass type of hardcore (say what?). This is a stupid review. Let me try it this way: here's a band that concentrates on feeling more than anything (not speed, not heaviness, not the rules), a somber, doomy, melancholic, spacy, ethereal, cloudy, trippy feeling. A basic, simple guitars-bass-drums-vocals approach (not big effects or outside tricks) with some interesting bits here and there (in some places I hear something like a saxophone, but it sounds sublime). This is definitely for the open-minded and for those that want to hear music that might open new places, new sounds. Finally, this is on Earache Records and it's definitely different than their death metal stuff. I, for one, find this interesting and I do realize that there is a scene with a lot of "posthardcore" bands and stuff, but I don't find most of those bands exciting or that creative. This is an exception, and a good one. This is about an hour long, with only a few minutes of intro/outtro.  


Mauricio Araniva  





Has CANDLEMASS broken up or not? If anybody knows, let me know! I think this is their best (last?) album up to date. Some of you think this band plays "depressing" music, wrong! This is heavy, but yet pretty "happy" sounding. Though, not exactly HELLOWEEN, HEAVENS GATE, or MAIDEN type sound. Maybe it is the voice of Tomas Vikstrom that gives this CD a not so doomy metal release, but anyway, the riffs are way heavy and the solos are excellent. Each song is very memorable and classy. This brings me back to the beginning of this review: Why the Hell did they decide to take a break or whatever? By now this line-up should have put out at least 2 more releases! I'm puzzled.  







This solo album by Hammerfall’s Joacim Cans is a heavier, chunkier side of traditional heavy metal. Sounds "harder", in line with Seven Witches or Cage, not Hammerfall. A variety of people wrote the songs, like Annihilator’s Jeff Waters, Primal Fear’s Mat Sinner, David Chastain and Mike Chlasciak (ex-Halford), for example. Sounds metal and all, but the songs never really jump out. They’re ok, not great. The riffs sound "tight", but nothing outstanding, though the ballad "Forever Ends" is catchy, as are one or two other tracks. The lyrics are clichéd: gang-shouts of "Go Back to Hell" and the dumb "poetic" titles like "Silent Cries" and "Garden of Evil".  









Either CF is improving or I'm being fooled. Usually this band has plenty of thrashing power, but only a couple of good songs. This time around I would go as far as saying half the album is good. "Strength of Misery" is this album’s best track, by far. The riffs at times get less generic and more creative, but only for half the album, having said that, this is still too faceless to stand out in a real way.  


Mauricio Araniva  






Very fucking intense and killer band from Japan. True grind at its best! Songs like "Bleeding For Sperm Queen", "I Have A Good Knife For Penetration", "Mutilation Rape, and "Serial Murder As A Modern Metaphor" the first track, which is my favorite, and 18 more killer songs. Now for all of those people out there that like grind but do not like to have long doses of it at a time for whatever reasons, these songs are pretty diverse and are not all that chaotic. The vocals are so fucking original and are some of the sickest things on earth. Does the song "Defiling The Grave" sound familiar to anybody? Well if it does, let me tell you that it is pretty killer as well and has a sound of its own when this band does it. Any ways, this CD is something all grinding freaks will love, guaranteed! Anyone interested I've listed the bands contact address in case you can not find this must have release!  








This is hardcore, pure and simple. It's fast, semi-melodic. The voice is traditional HC. Every song is different, but quick, basic, to the point. If you like HC, then I recommend this one. Warning: No metal crossover here.  





CELESTIIAL - Desolate North  


Some music gets slower and slower until it's a downright slow-motion-turtle-sloth pace. The vocals are guttural, but they are not aggressive. Instead they sound like they are far, far away in a cave in the distant past in a land from pre-history. The percussion (drum machine?) plays slowly enough to allow time to go buy and cook a turkey, return and you won't have missed a beat. This is an exaggeration, but only slightly. Imagine: the sound of the beach (the intermittent waves = "drums") accompanied by some occasional distant guttural vocals. The songs: there are pauses in between the long periods of  


Mauricio Araniva  






If you love speed-of-light grinding bass lines, blazing blast beats, total brutal horrific gore music, then go find another band, cause this is not it! This Dutch band specializes in combining sad, depressing violins, with slow doom rhythms and low-growled whispers of death. This band has class. If you love "Gothic", by PARADISE L., then you'll love this one as well. You'll find melody running through out the whole album. Beware though, if you like to be happy or you're not easily depressed, either way, this band is for people who are happy to be depressed.  







This is probably my favorite band coming out of Mexico. Very memorable music and pretty complex as well. The guitar work is pretty exceptional, especially the solos. The songs, 9 in total, are pretty long as well, but they don't drag out so you will not be falling asleep. The vocals are fucking brutal and are my favorite thing about this band, they are not forced sounding which is always good. If your looking for some excellent death metal, check out this exceptional band out.  







Centinex in Swedish means: quality songs of memorable, blazing, often blasting, buzzsaw-guitar and traditional gruff growling. It's a bit puzzling how such a harsh musical approach results in creative pieces that are easy to understand, to get into. Definitely interesting is also the fact that there are no melodic guitar solos or the usual musical strategies designed to hook in the listener. The main tool at work here is just sheer muscle. The 38 minutes that make up this release continue to demonstrate more than amply that Centinex can keep up the quality of the songs for the whole time of the release. This is, in fact, a nonstop barrage of quality buzzsaw guitar with hooks, in the riffs and in the solos. The vocals are, by far, strong total gruff death, just so you know. The drumming is monstrous: it sounds, at times, like those fills and blasts have two drummers working. At certain spots, from a physical standpoint, it's very intense because it's not just speed, but the other things that are going on besides the pounding. There is a whole lot of old school Swedish death going on here, a lot. However, whereas that style tends to be non-blasting, this blasts often. Also, the drumming is excellent, the riffing is urgent and this music is just more intense and exciting than a band like Dismember. This band has been laboring for years, largely unnoticed, but you'd be surprised by the quality and songwriting ability of this bunch. "Blood Hunt" from about 1999 was interesting, "Diabolical Desolation" from about 2002 was awesome. From then on, this band has been developing in a huge way.  


Mauricio Araniva  






This is definitely like the Rolling Stones, man. First of all, like the Rolling Stones, these songs are groovy, man. Totally. For example, the vocals are totally guttural, growled, completely incomprehensible (just like the Stones). Great stuff, really. Can people scream like this without using strong, possibly illegal substances? The growler sounds positively possessed. The thrashing, death metal, death grind guitars plus the insane blasting plus the technicality and diversity of this band is ridiculous. What's more, the clarity of this album is very surprising. You can hear the madness clearly and upfront. What's interesting is how they manage to bring in -- and I'm not kidding this time --stoner rock and stuff that sounds like 70s Black Sabbath and throw it in the deathgrind melting pot and beat the living daylights out of it. Crazy stuff. I'm thinking that these beastie boys must put on a cool show. With this album you do not get weird instruments: just lots of thrashing, grinding guitars and loud bass, obnoxiously good drumming and superguttural vocals. OK, basically, I like this because it shows that grind can be interesting and diverse. Really! Those who get this type of music--you know, the grind stuff--should hear this: a band doing something interesting with a sound that is notorious for being strictly a one-way highway attack on music.  


Mauricio Araniva  





Repulse Records  

I know some people, bands included, that really hate, or at least dislike reviews that compare "this" to "that" bands sound or influence. Most of the time, it's not good if a "critic" is too lazy to explain what a band really sounds like. However, if done correctly, a reader will have a pretty good idea of a band's sound, if the review is accurate. Centinex's "Bloodhunt", I think, is what Dismember's "Pieces" Ep would have sounded like as a full release. Centinex doesn't have any intros. or outros. with this one. Just six songs of intense Swedish death metal in the (good) tradition of Entombed, etc... Yes, Centinex is also from Sweden. No black metal heard here. Only that low-tuned riffing, fast pace material, a strong voice, like one would find from the "Left Hand Path", or "Like An Ever-Flowing Stream" era, except that Centinex is more "concentrated", more speed, on top of speed, and continuos speed, with the guitar and drums that have machine-like precision. Centinex does not allow to rest, you can rest when the CD is done!  







This compilation is a good introduction to the Century M. family. Rotting C., Nocturnal R., and Emperor, are the very best here. These 3 bands are serious future gods of metal, if they continue on their present direction. Jag Panzer, Iced Earth, and Moonspell, are another 3 that cannot be ignored. I still don't get why The Gathering is peddled as metal. Is Tori Amos metal too? Exodus is here with "Piranha", but why is Exodus trying to "recreate" what cannot be re- created? I think this compilation is an accurate representation of what each band really is like.  






Full Moon Prod.  

Centurian's music is super fast death metal, played with a lot of conviction and ability. Comparisons are not necessary because it is difficult for any newer (and older ones sometimes, too) bands to be truly original-with the noted exception of Morbid Angel, and maybe a few others in the death and black metal genre. In other words, you'll definitely hear the not-so-unexpected Deicide and "Alters of Madness" influence, so I won't go into how they "shred" because that's the starting point. What you get with this release is a mature, well played, and a creative use of arrangements (there are some nice "melodic" notes in the most unexpected places inside all the mayhem of blast beats and fury) and a serious attempt that should be taken seriously by everyone who can read past the hype and hoopla and can get to the music. This release certainly speaks well of the next release that this band puts out. Good things may come.  







THE CHASM is totally awesome. This band is from Mexico. The leader of this outfit is Daniel Corchado, who writes everything. This is hard to label, which is a good sign, but I'd say that Atmospheric, heavy, doomy, Melodic, catchy death metal is pretty close. This band has really surprised and impressed me. It has been a long time since I've heard something this good. Every song is well thought out, complex, fast, slow, melodic, heavy, actually each song has its own identity. What band do they sound like? Like no one, but you hear shades of CANDLEMASS, old CELTIC FROST, old DISMEMBER, and some others. The song, "I, the Pastfinder," has the doomiest stuff I've heard in years. The double-bass is running through ,while the acoustic guitar is "shredding." The singer, Daniel, sounds really like no one.These songs are not short at all. That is why you can only enjoy this after a few listens because each song has a lot going on in it and one listen is simply not enough. If you see this release or any others by this band, but it, steal it, better yet, steal two copies, one for you and one for your friend. If you are the kind of person who is always looking for original, complex, unusual stuff, you will not be disappointed.  






Oz Productions  

Mexico's, The Chasm, is a pretty original band. The evidence? How about this release? Each song sounds well prepared. In every song you will find tight thrash-crazy riffs, slow melodic riffs, time changes of several varieties, and in general, a texture of music that sounds like real art and actual compositions. The driving force of the band is Daniel Corchado, who writes all the music and lyrics, and is the vocalist of the band. The same individual who was fronting Incantation not to long ago, if you're not familiar with the name. Anyway, The Chasm, is no ordinary death metal band at all. It will take several listens before it becomes clear what's going on, but this is worth the listen. There is nothing here to complain about. A very professional effort with plenty of originality.  








Not many seem to notice, but maybe some will now notice: this band has a real interesting vibe, which for the last few years has been evolving into what it is now. Somehow, this band combines the death/thrash of classic Sodom, Destruction and Kreator with the death/black vibe of Dissection and adds an underground death metal extra something to concoct a sound that could not possibly be any more genuine metal than it is. I'm pleased with this album because it has melody, but melody in the way that Immolation and Incantation have melody, if you know what I'm saying. The Dissection-style melody also creates a good feel. Add to that a rough overall attack and you may get a clue as to what's happening here. I'm mentioning all those other bands not because The Chasm sounds like them, but because they have a vibe they project. I'm also mentioning those bands because if you like real underground metal, then I think you should give this a chance. The only complaint I have is that the production leaves a bit to be desired, though I do understand that this band doesn't have Slayer's budget. I'm glad The Chasm keeps fighting against all obstacles in order to keep making underground metal like they do. Any recognition they get is more than well deserved.  


Mauricio Araniva  






In general, bands on Sensory records are uncompromisingly prog and very talented. The particular case of Circus Maximus is no exception: very skilled metal musicianship. "Sin" opens: a rocking, pretty thrashy, shredding, midpaced number; pretty catchy; very traditional, melodic, talented, polished metal singing. What does that mean? You know, like Queensryche, Dream Theater, etc. "Alive" follows and it's more of the above. "Glory of the Empire" has a mellow beginning and moves into a big, stadium rock feel; it's midpaced and it's over 10 minutes long. "Biosfear" then shows the band to be very proggy; it's instrumental; it's musical exhibitionism. "Silence from Angels above" is an 80s-rock type of sensitive ballad; the singing is as sweet as a cute little bunny (say what?). "Why Am I here" is a serious, guitar-driven song. By this point in the album, the band is eyeball-deep in prog metal territory; prog fans will be smiling like happy children at a candy store. The first part of the album has shorter, catchy songs to get you interested. The rest of the album has long and longer songs that are more for the prog fan than the "normal" heavy metal fan, but has a charm to keep the listener interested: anchored by melodic singing; it gives memorability to the prog. Good album.  




Mauricio Araniva  






The guitar sound is pure thrash, while the riffing is all Overkill, Testament, etc.--pretty simple, but fast, sharp and tight. Here and there, some hard punk energy comes through. The energy and no-nonsense feel does have its charm. The vocals are not growled or screamed, but are shout-sing. As you might expect, the choruses are often gang-shouted. The rough and ready thrash approach is pretty fast, though it has plenty of midpaced sections, but those are the two basic operating speeds. This is not great thrash, but its purpose is to get a pit going.  


Mauricio Araniva  






The music is slow and plodding, keyboard background, down tuned, gloom and doom melancholy. The singing is on the soulful, midrange side, not screaming, growling, yelling, air raid siren or anything abrasive. Not to compare, but point to out a vocal feel: later Paradise Lost, Creed, The Doors, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Life of Agony, Nevermore, etc. I'm not saying that "this is as good as" anything, but merely that the vocals are done well, and at least on this recording, sound very competent and compliment the music well. The music is not about shredding, or head-banging, or moshing, but about creating a mood of sadness, the already mentioned melancholy. "What? Why I would listen to music that makes me feel that way? I listen to music to feel good, man!" Two things: one, if you don't like slower paced albums that sound sad, you're right, this is not for you. Instant joy, I think, is not on the agenda with this band. Two, the point of this music, as I understand it, is catharsis.  



Mauricio Araniva  





The band has no vocals and no bass player. So, it's all guitars and drums, then! It's loud, aggressive, abrasive, riff after riff coming at your ears, jamming the jams, pounding energy, but in a very coherent manner. This is not melodic, though there are some brief, mellower moments. The speed of the drumming is fast paced, but very rhythmic, so it's not crazy speed. The feel that comes to mind is that of a jamming progressive instrumental energetic rock band with hard jazzy moments. The band utilizes some synth, which is more apparent in the slower, spacier parts.  

Narrow-minded music fans will not like this: no vocals, first of all. The music is neither metal nor hardcore, but more like rocking guitar-driven jazz-core. However, the band does have songs.  


Mauricio Araniva  




COMMUNIC - Waves of Visual Decay  


These seven compositions, adding up to almost an hour, seamlessly cover the broad points that encompass traditional heavy metal, polished thrash, and progressive metal. The guitar work is, most of all, clear and crisp (not down-tuned/chugging) with riff/shred moments abundant, as well as nicer, slower when necessary. The singing is classy, but not "metal cheesy", nor annoyingly high. It has a certain elegance that makes it refreshing. Metal from Norway that is talented, progressive, complex, with longer songs, thrashy, a bit melodic (not "happy melodic") and still head-banging. Note: the riffs, and especially the singing, do recall early Nevermore.  



Mauricio Araniva  






When I got this from Shindy Productions I saw that the cover art was a crayon drawing of the Little Mermaid. I immediately thought to myself: "What the?" However this band calling themselves "Experimental Death/Grind" surprised me. It has a lot of sampling and strange things in it but these guys have talent, the guitar work is heavy and crisp, the drums are nothing short of pummeling, and the vocals are a mix of deep growling and screaming. If I had to compare them to anyone, I wouldn't. They are definately not your average experimental band and these guys should stick around and keep making music, I liked the album, thumbs up guys.  

Rogue (Special thanks to Martin "Shindy" Brzobohaty of Shindy Productions in Slovakia for sending me this album, thanks a million dude!!)  





Nuclear Blast  

Death's Chuck S. has always been trying to be original. Now, Control Denied won't catch the peoples attention as Death once did, but those who pay attention to the music will be glad to see this finally see the light of day. These eight songs are pure music, all power. High vocals and complex music, and of course, excellent guitar work. There's no point in explaining the songs. If you like real music, real metal, you'll like this. This is what serious musicians who play metal make. Do yourself a favor, add this to your cherished Atheist, (old) Fates Warning, Watchtower, etc.. Wonderful, just wonderful! "Metal Jazz"? Labels are not useful sometimes!  






MIA/Tee Pee Records  

Core play "stoner doom rock", which means? It's basically Black Sabbath / The Obsessed influenced slow hard-core. Frankly, I don't see how a hardcore fan couldn't like this. The sound is too "garage" for metal fans, but I guess that is the whole point of this release. You said you were curious about "stoner doom rock"? Well, then.... (By the way, this is not doom metal. So if you're thinking that.... Count Raven, Candlemass, and Trouble are in the opposite direction. You'll need to make a "u-turn" and head straight, and to the left at the light....)  







C.V. specializes in playing cheese-metal-noise-gore and they are really good at it, which means that this band really sucks. This is no improvement over there previous stuff from "Gathering Chemical Children". If you like BROKEN HOPE, CANNIBAL CORPSE, etc... then you'll dig this. This is gore stuff, period. Of course there are no signs that these guys know, or that they want to know how to play there instruments. What else is there to say?  







Whereas CORPSE V. is from IL., C.F.A. is from Italy. Well guess what? This is also a cheese-gore-stupid shit-noise-that-only-fools-like music. Can you say BROKEN "fucking" HOPE? Maybe I'm being harsh on this type / style of "music". I don't care, any way you look at this, this is crap that unfortunately has been recorded to waste peoples precious time.  







This band has come up with good balance of brutal, blasting death metal, which is the main component, though there are other elements, like melody and catchiness. The thing I like about this is the willingness to do something different without losing the death metal approach. There are some tiny, brief parts with clean vocals and quite a bit of black metal screaming. Actually, the album has a few surprises, like the recurring black metal riffing, which with this type of production sounds more upfront than with the usual black metal production. Council of the Fallen is turning out to be--with this second album--quite a surprise and a band to check out, if you like brutal death metal, but want more than the same old repetition that a lot of bands do.  


Mauricio Araniva  






Talk about mass appeal. The Crest's music is made with the idea that with one listen, the people who like catchy, poppy, gothy rock with soft, gentle feminine vocals will be so hooked that they will want to play this over and over until they have the stuff coming out of their ears. If you're a "metal" person that likes Theatre of Tragedy, Lacuna Coil, Nightwish, The Gathering and a lot of the goth stuff on Napalm Records, you will love this band. In addition, Nell Sigland from the already mentioned Theatre of Tragedy is the woman singing here. The music has a (pop) rocking, upbeat, infectious, guitar-y quality: the first six songs are more upbeat, while the last five are also catchy, but slightly more melancholic, but still upbeat, in general, except the last one "My War/Broken Glass," which is a piano-type song. Hooray! Now even your little sister can say that she, too, likes "metal" music! Fantastic. I'm thrilled. Happy, happy, happy.  


Mauricio Araniva  






What is cool about this band is that: 1) they play fast, blasting black metal; 2) they make their songs distinctive from one another, not relying on speed alone; 3) they add melody, but the type of melodies which are not clichéd/happy/overly sweet; it's subtle and slightly twisted. In addition, 4) the vocals are black, but there's a lot death in them, so fans of brutal death can totally get this; 5) the guitar work has plenty of creativity to spice up the huge barrage of noise. 6) The production is not garage, like those one-man projects. Sounds like a collective effort. There are a few other interesting things: they cover "The Loss and Curse of Reverence" by Emperor, which is probably the closest reference point, especially the "Anthems to the Welkin at Dusk" period. This Polish band uses synth, but the guitars always dominate. The synth is strictly background feel. Very promising, but not only that, they are already delivering in a serious way.  


Mauricio Araniva  






Some people say this album is awesome. I do not agree. (Neither do I.) I don't know why this sounds like this band isn't saying much musically. For example, the voice, which is at times death metal, then suddenly becomes a soft spoken tone that keeps going back and forth every few seconds, it's actually annoying. (I agree.) I've listened to this 4 times and I find that the voice is not really an asset. To continue, the drumming is not very metal. It sounds like the style of the band that likes to play metal and other styles. Actually, to me, this sounds like a combination of techno, industrial, grunge, whatever, and metal. The guitar work hasn't caught my attention. You listen to this for your self and find out for your self, you might like it for your self. Any way, this sounds like unorganized chaos. (I didn't know chaos could be organized? - MIKE )  






Made up of two people, Øystein G. Brun and Vintersorg, both from Borknagar ( Mr. V. is in, like, 800 other bands), but this project does not sound like B., just to clarify. Guitars, bass, programmed drumming and lots of "symphonics" result in a slow to mid-paced endeavor. Spacy at times, atmospheric often, and with V's unique vocals, clean and growled, the material is pretty mellow. If you don't mind it slow and moody, the release is explorable (Not really a word, but I like it! - Mike - 2006). Remember; no blasting speed this time.  



Mauricio Araniva  





Century Media  

"Whisper Supremacy"...how fitting. It certainly didn't shout it to me. This is good, worth buying even, but not supreme. I don't know why I couldn't get into this, maybe it was just my mood, because this definitely isn't a bad listen. Fuck it, I'm so tired, I hardly know what to say about this album, it kind of went in a fast, brutal blur. If you like Cryptopsy, you've probably already gotten this. But any brutal death metal fanatic will probably shoot their load over this, so I must recommend it. Totally fast, blasting, ultra-brutal death metal just isn't for me tonight I guess.