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How many bands have names that begin with an "X"? Blazing, hyper-speed, growl 'n' churn death is what they mean. The riffing is crisp and clear, somewhat reminiscent of cold, bare bones black metal in certain places, while at the same time this is combined with traditional blast-death- riffing. There is a touch of melody, but very little, like during some of the soloing. The vocals are strong, competent guttural growling. This is promising, most of all. The songs are performed well and the band conveys the tightness and brutality very well. The most pressing question is that of originality. It's nothing that other blasting bands have not done before. I have probably heard this album close to 15 times now because I wanted to see whether there was some greatness I was not hearing at first. Well, this is not great, but a tight, good effort with some good ideas. However, the riffing needs to be more distinctive, more creative, not just blindingly fast. They need to let loose on the soloing and just let it rip and see where it goes, like on the title track. If this is their debut and they are a young band, this is a promising start. If this is their 27th album of blasting death, and they are 39 years old, then this is just another typical Xenomorph release that offers nothing different from their 11th and 14th albums ("Remember those albums, man?! Cool!"), when they hit their peak and had matured.  


Mauricio Araniva