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This 13 song live CD is a great intro. to Y&T. Of course, no single release ever really could do justice to this band. This release starts with one of the best songs they ever wrote, "Meanstreak". The riff, the vocals, the whole rhythm and guitar solo, make this a classic heavy metal song. It's a hard driving upbeat song. Without a doubt, this is catchy, hard, and melodic. Next comes "Hurricane". Once again, another example of the sound that this band sported. Melody put to hard driving beat. Take this song and understand what this band was all about, pure rocking metal fun. If you thought that this band was a one-hit wonder, then check out "Don't Stop Running". This is....well, Y&T always was different, different because they managed to play music that was upbeat. Yes, happy and fun sounding mixed with the sound of metal. Much like that first Van Halen release. Next comes "Struck Down" and "Winds of Change" Two songs I am not too familiar with, but good. Then it's "Black Tiger", this song displays a walking-the-streets-of- downtown-on-a-winters-night, but it truly rocks. Not really a "happy" song. "Midnight in Tokyo" sounds even better live. By the time "Beautiful Dreamer" rolls around, you're pretty much warmed up to Y&T. This song is not a silly old ballad, but a "I'm-in-love-,but-I-want-to-rock-to- celebrate" song. "Hard Times", a gem, and "I'll Cry" , take you down to one of the best power ballads ever made. After "I Believe In You", "Squeeze" and finally "Forever", you will listen / hear the musical power, ability, catchyness, and all the glory Y&T has to offer. This was Y&T farewell concert in 1990. Do yourself a favor: if you ever see a copy of "Meanstreak" or any of old stuff, buy it. Period!