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• Interview with The "Great" Kat - Part 2

• Interview with Robin of Mysticum

• Greetings to all

• Interview with Eric Clayton of Saviour Machine


• Finding Mikey

• Interview with Rev. Vincent Crowley of Acheron

• Interview with SynnLeaha Satana Satan's Sweet Slavery 'Zine

• Interview with Runhild of Thorr's Hammer

• Interview with Julia of Arrows of Malice

• Interview with Deaden/Von

• Interview with Eva O

• Interview with Bill Zebub of The Grimoire of Exalted Deeds


• "I Was A Catholic School Girl!"

• Interview with Daemon of Limbonic Art

• Interview with artist JB

• Interview with Dani of Cradle of Filth

• "The Demon Called False Love"

• Interview with Sherri Luckey Watters of Wedding Party

• Interview with Doug Van Pelt of HM Magazine

• Interview with Angelkill

• Interview with Bart of Sinister

• Interview with Christer and Peter of Extol

• "I Love You, So Now We Can Have Sex"

Interview with Deprive

• "Regret"

• Interview with Nyk E. of Possession

• Interview with Giordano Bruno (The Prince of Agony) of Evol

• Interview with Candy Cane of Rackets and Drapes

• Interview with Tourniquet

• Interview with King Diamond

• Interview with Abel Gomez of Lament

• Final Words

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Interview with SynnLeaha Satana Satan's Sweet Slavery 'Zine

Interview conducted during 12/23/98 - 1/99
By Mike Coles

For those of you who do not know who SynnLeaha Satana is, she is the editor of Satanís Sweet Slavery Ďzine. She is a very opinionated and interesting individual that I met in Dec. of 1998. Her Ďzine mainly consists of poetry, artwork, and stories dedicated to Satanism, with a few album/demo/ízine reviews and usually no more than three interviews to go along with the rest.

(As far as I know her magazine no longer exists. - Mike - 2004)

The Outcast: What are your opinions on religion?

Satana: Religion is a crutch for those who are delusional, who cannot separate fact from fiction, who canít handle life themselves, and must look and depend on some "higher power" to guide them and fulfill some "ultimate plan."

The Outcast: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change and why?

Satana: Self-improvement comes naturally. No matter how well you think you know yourself, improvement and changes are constantly happening. If there was something I would like to change about myself, I would change it. There are usually ways to do just about anything. I canít think of anything I would change as of now, but when/if I do decide something needs to change, then it will.

The Outcast: If you could change only one part in history, either in your life, someone elseís or, an event, what would you change and why?

Satana: If I could change anything? Off the top of my head, and without serious thought, I think that I would like the whole Hitler thing to be successful, but under different circumstances. Forget the Jews, how about Christian genocide! (There were Christians who were murdered, not just Jews, and others who were not just according to Hitler.- Mike) Things would have been a lot better that way. Hitler had a good idea, just the wrong people. But then again, Jews are just as bad as Christians.

The Outcast: Do you truly believe that Hitler had a god idea? Why would you even think that? I really donít believe you would have made that comment if you would have witnessed the horror that the Jews and other innocent people went through. I can understand the hatred you hold against Christianity, but to actually kill innocent people for their beliefs, heritage, etc... Do you really hold that much hatred inside to make such a comment or as you state, "without serious thought," meaning youíre just screwing around?

Satana: I am a bitch. I am one cold-hearted motherfucker. I can and will tell you that right now. I have no pity whatsoever for mindless crones who walk this earth without a single thought of their own minds. Anyone blind and robotic enough as a Christian canít possibly have feelings! They canít possibly have the desire to live a life such as the ones they are "destined" to live. Put them out of their misery! Better yet, make them suffer by living with themselves! I was truthful; Hitler did have a good idea, just the wrong people. It was a serious thought and one that I meant. They are ruining this world, infecting the people with their "God forbidden" stupidity. They donít deserve to breathe the same air.

The Outcast: What are your beliefs on Satan and God? Do you thing they are actual beings? Why or why not?

Satana: Satan and God are archetypes, fictional creatures. I do not think they are actual beings, but I do believe that everyone has a "god" and a "Satan" in themselves. Symbols/characters. Why do we call ourselves Satanists if we donít believe in Satan, right? Symbolism, simple as that.

The Outcast: What is evil to you?

Satana: Evil is what people make it. What is evil, really? It all depends on the personís opinion, the culture, etc... What is "evil" to some is completely normal to others.

The Outcast: What is your #1 philosophy in life?

Satana: Definitely live life to its fullest. Donít live your life according to some deity in the sky. Donít live your life for anyone but yourself. "Do what thou wilt, shall be the whole of the law." Be who you want, do what you want, but that is not to say that if you donít go out and kill someone, you wonít have to suffer the consequences. Be responsible for your own actions.

The Outcast: Why do you think people go from one extreme to another, for example from a Satanist to a Christian or vise-versa?

Satana: I actually know a guy who we all thought was a die-hard Satanist, and just recently threw all his literature away and picked up the Holy Bible. Now he is a regular bible banger. In my opinion, I think that anyone who can go from say, Satanism to Christianity, was never a true Satanist in the beginning. There is a difference between a Satanist and a "devil worshiper." Anyone who goes form one extreme to the other, as I said before, is seriously fucked up in the head. They were a Christian, then they retaliated against their god and worshiped his enemy, hence a devil worshiper found out that he was all "wrong" (in his mind) and ran back to his petty God. You see? Satanists are born, not made, and no Christian could ever be one of us.

The Outcast: Donít you think that is merely an opinion? How could you believe that a Satanist is born? Please explain. If changes are constantly happening, why then could someone not go from being a Satanist to a Christian or vise-versa?

Satana: No opinion, it is a FACT. Sheep havenít the hearts, the will, or the soul to be "one of us." We donít even have the same genes. We are wolves, they are sheep. Personal development happens throughout our lives, yes. We find who we are thru trial and error, that is my point when is say some "Satanist" turn Christian, they didnít find themselves in Satanism. Some start out in Christian homes and realize that is not who they are. Thought and self-improvement is a never-ending thing. But that doesnít mean someone can be white one day and black the next, same with Satanism and Christians. See what I mean? Satanists are "born," meaning it is always in their hearts, not that they were actually birthed from some red skinned, fork tail mother. Come on now!

The Outcast: How can there be a difference between a Satanist and a devil worshiper when the words Satan and devil are basically the same thing/word? Please explain.

Satana: Satanists and "devil worshipers" are about the same as Satanists and Christians. Devil worshipers are Christians gone bad, more or less. Once devoted sheep, something went terribly wrong. Their God didnít answer a prayer or something happened in their life, so in turn, they worship Godís enemy, the devil. They go out and kill cats, spray paint walls, act like vile children all in the name of Satan. Satanists donít believe in a god or a devil, we believe in ourselves, as I explained earlier.

The Outcast: Besides the fact that he started claiming to worship God, how did his attitude change? Was he a close friend of yours that you knew on a personal level, or just someone you "knew"? Did you know him before he was a Satanist? If so, what was he like, and what beliefs did he have then? What made him change his mind you think? Was it an experience he had personally or was it an individual that changed his mind on life? Did he just one day quit hanging out with the normal people he hung out with? You also state that anyone who goes from one extreme to the other "is seriously fucked in the head." Why do you think this is so? Would you agree or disagree that it might take some people longer than others to find their "identity" in life? For example, though he was a "die-hard Satanist, what if deep down inside he questioned his beliefs as a "Satanist" and then realized he was all wrong about being a Satanist, and the things he experienced as he was starting to turn into a Christian was really the truth he was seeking.

Satana: I donít know how his attitude changed; he stopped writing me and all the other "evil" people that he once knew. I didnít know this dude face to face, he is in prison. He came to me. He seemed to me that he was "die-hard," but proved me very wrong, very soon. His deal was that he is super doped up on meds and the sheep brainwashed him. He is just playing the game to get good time and possibly an early release. The dude is so screwed up in the head; he doesnít know what the fuck he worships. He always seemed a little fucked up to me. I just used him as an example. I didnít know him before he claimed to be a "Satanist." I didnít know him on a personal level. I do believe that it takes people their own personal time to find out who they are in life. But anyone who claims to be a walker of the untrodden LHP and then turns tail deserves to be dealt with execution style. Sure take your time deciding who you are, but donít play games. Sheep can never be goats, Satanists are born, not made, and the true survive thru it all when the weak fail fast.

The Outcast: What is your opinion on morals?

Satana: Morals should be totally dependent on the individual. I think that societyís moral standards and Christianityís morals are all wrong. I strongly believe that a person should make up his or her own standards, "morals," and ways of living. Who are they to think that they can beat whatís right or wrong into our heads from birth? Who is to say they are right? "They" being Christians and society. I think we need to encourage individuality and thinking for ourselves. We should each decide what is "right" and "wrong" according to how WE feel, not them.

The Outcast: Why do you think a Christianís morals/way of life are all wrong?

Satana: They live their lives on crutches, they live a lie. Why would any sane person go thru life denying themselves all the carnal needs of being an animal, for fear of the wrath of some "God"? It seems too ridiculous to me, why anyone would deny themselves that. We are brought up in a Christian society that deems certain things as "bad." Like homosexuality, lust, greed, things that are in our very nature! If these same people were raised in a different land, at a different time, these same things may be a common place for them. It just doesnít seem fair. Yet they walk around their whole lives like mindless zombies. I refuse to be a part of that.

The Outcast: Do you classify the human race as an animal? Though I agree with you to an extent, due to the fact the human race can be as violent and probably more vicious (looking at history and society; wars, murderers, rapists, etc...) than an animal, the thing that does separate us from animals is that WE do not act on instinct, and we have that choice whether or not to commit that act of whatever we choose to do. Also, yes, it may be in our nature, but once again, we have that choice whether or not we want to live our lives with greed, lust, etc... Itís all a matter of choice, and if you want to live your life with greed, lust, etc..., you just have to be responsible and face the consequences when you act upon those "forces." Whatís your opinion?

Satana: Yes, I do classify the human race as animals. You said that the thing that separates us from animals is that we do not act on instinct, and that we have the choice whether or not to commit that act of whatever we choose to do. Okay, my response is, do people always THINK before they do things? Are you saying that YOU have never acted out on impulse or instinct? I think that it was drilled into our heads when we were little, thanks to Christian "moral" society, that acting on instinct is "bad," or "evil." Sure, if we all did what we wanted and didnít think about the results of our actions, we would all be locked up. And I agree with you when you commented that we have the choice to live our lives as we want, as long as we realize any potential consequences. That is what I have been saying all along. That is what separates me from the herd.

The Outcast: Youíre walking down the street and a Christian walks up to you and hands you flyer that reads, "Have you accepted Jesus Christ into your heart?" and begins to talk to you about his beliefs. D) Do you calmly tell him sorry but you have different beliefs and begin to talk about each others beliefs over a nice hot cup of coco. E) Walk away and say nothing. F) Tell him to fuck off and die.

Satana: It depends on what mood I am in. I am usually all for choice A, but some days I feel like giving them what they want and acting like some vicious, cold-hearted demon. If they think we are this way, why not give them what they want? Simple, because then they will have won. I am not out to change their minds, I personally donít give a fuck what they think, because no matter what we say, theyíll always have this image of us, so fuck them. I would first do A, then if they started pushing their shit down my throat, preaching eternal damnation at me, and not giving me a chance to express my opinion, I would do C, and then B. But I have an awful temper, no matter how hard I try to oppress it. Iíd probably take the flyer, set it on fire, and jam it up his ass, and then down his bleeding throat.

The Outcast: You state; "...but some days I feel like giving them..." I also used to think this way, but if you want them to see/understand your reality in life, do you not feel it would be best to be polite and intelligent about what youíre trying to say/get across so that they might see that people/individuals do have a mind/life of their own no matter how repulsive they may think it is? If they truly come across that they are "pushing" their beliefs on to you and are saying that youíre going to burn in hell and what not, for not believing the same way as they, wouldnít it be more beneficial on your part to remain calm and intelligent about it rather than attacking a negative with another negative? For example, start cursing at them because theyíre saying something you might find offensive. In a way, to me, it would be somewhat of a "foolís game," each side cursing at each other making both sides look ignorant, so to speak.

Satana: It makes no difference at all how we present ourselves. In a business suit or a Slayer t-shirt, it makes no difference at all. They think what they think and are too damn scared to think for themselves. I have seen representatives form the Church of Satan go on shows like Bob Larsonís "Talk Back Live" and state their claims, but the sheep donít listen. It goes in one ear and out the other. It seems that if we act like assholes, yell and curse, we at least have some fun! I am tired of trying to explain myself, so I donít. They will all go on living their mundane, miserable lives no matter how I appear to them, no matter what I say.

The Outcast: Do you think that they are actually living in misery? To me, it just boils down to what you value in life and what pleases you and who you aim to please in life, be it God or yourself. If it makes you happy, so be it. It all goes back to my favorite saying, "To each their own."

Satana: "To each their own." Sure that is just fine and dandy. They can live their mundane, miserable lives if they choose so. They obviously choose to follow "the word of God" and not think for themselves. I guess they have known that pathetic way all their lives and they know not how fun and enjoyable it is to "lust" and to "sin." So maybe they are content in their ways. Just like a blind man is content in his ways, he knows not of color, so how could he miss it? Same with the sheep, they know not of a great free life, because they are blinded and canít miss what they do not know.

The Outcast: Would you say that a lot of Christians and Satanists alike are very judgmental, critical, and closed-minded towards each others beliefs? Do you think thatís normal/human for a lot of people?

Satana: I think being closed-minded, critical, and very judgmental is a human thing. It knows no religion. I think humans are like that. No one wants to listen to someone they think is wrong, and itís very hard for a human to admit that they are wrong. I donít want them bible thumping me, and they donít want me satanic bible thumping them either.

The Outcast: For one day you have Godís power, what do you do with that power?

Satana: I always have Godís power. I am God. I am Satan. I am fucking Buddha. Each person is his or her own god. We posses the power to change the world, as well to change our own lives. I posses the power of any god. Some people are just blind, ignorant, and brainwashed to realize that they are all gods themselves.

The Outcast: What would be the ultimate pleasure for you?

Satana: I know you expect me to say something like "bloody, worldwide Christian genocide" or something like that. That is all fine and dandy, and if that happened I certainly wouldnít be opposed, but right at this time the ultimate pleasure for me would be able to be in my loverís arms. I have been with him for 2 years and I have never felt his skin. It hurts.

(Is it just me or does anyone else think it is odd, maybe even a contradiction, reading her responses about hate, death, and the destruction of Christians and Jews by Hitler and then to speak of love and to be in her lovers arms? - Mike - 2004)

The Outcast: What do you hope to find after death?

Satana: I wonít express my thoughts on what happens after death, because I donít know what happens, and I wonít pretend to. What do I hope to find? I donít know, what is there to find exactly?

The Outcast: What are your beliefs on Murder? Rape? Eye for an eye? Turn the other cheek?

Satana: Murder: I am not opposed to that. You want to kill someone, you better have a good reason and you better be really cunning and smart or plan on going to prison. I am not against random acts of violence, but if one gets caught, they have to take responsibility. Rape: I am utterly and totally against this, probably because #1 I am a woman, and #2 I have been through it. "How can you be pro-murder and anti-rape?" you ask. Well, if you want to rape a girl, fine. Just sit back and enjoy it when she buries a fucking dagger between your legs and slits your throat as well. (Well put. -Mike) Eye for an eye: I believe in being responsible for your actions. As far as the Christian version i.e. "if you stab someone and kill them, you should die too," is concerned, people fuck up, people make mistakes, but they do their time, and if they do it again once they get out, theyíre morons. If they learn from their mistakes, more power to them.

The Outcast: I hate to get personal, but what was your childhood like? (Example: Divorced parents, alcoholics in the family, abuse, or any other negative aspects that humanity tends to unleash upon other human beings.)

Satana: I was brutally raped and molested when I was a kid. My mom beat me and my dad was a drunk. I turned to Satan because God had disowned me. Is that what you want to hear? Had you going there, huh? In all actuality, my home life was perfect. I was raised by a very loving and well-off family. My parents are still married, live in a nice upper-middle class home with pets and flowers outside. I had some trouble with relationships when I was young, but that is not why I am who I am. I know people want to blame the "curse of Satanism" on my fucked up family life or something, and that is very untrue.

The Outcast: What does your family think about your personal beliefs? Any major conflicts? At what age did you start claiming to be a Satanist and why did you choose that title for your personal beliefs?

Satana: My family does not agree with my life, what I do, not even my magazine. But I am a private person and keep them pretty much in the dark. I am an adult and I do what I do. There arenít any major conflicts, because like I said above, I keep things to myself. I got into Satanism and the LHP many years back. I am young, but I learned fast and read a whole lot when I was small. I am not saying that I was 10 and "worshiped the devil", but you know what I mean. I donít give myself a "title," I chose the word "Satanist" to describe my way of life. I am a free thinker, a radical, I do what I want and donít worry about "eternal damnation" to keep me in line.

The Outcast: Were you ever "forced" to attend Church growing up? If so, what was it like and what religion/denomination was it?

Satana: I was "forced" to go to a Methodist church when I was younger, like 10-13 with my best friend. I loved to spend the night at her house, but when I did on the weekends, I had to attend church on Sunday. They made me dress up and I hated it. When I was in Sunday school, I would go off in the corner by myself or ask questions, doubling questions that would only piss the teacher off. When we had to go to mass, I would hide in the bathroom, church office, or nursery. Anything to save myself from listening to that stupid man in a dress telling me I was going to hell for being myself.

The Outcast: What have your experiences been like with Christianity, if any?

Satana: Christians are just plain blind and ignorant. They feel they have to go door to door to "save" everyone from an existence that they themselves with they could live. I have had direct contact with these people all thru life. They are everywhere. There is no way to avoid them. I have had bibles thrown at me, literally, when I told a group of them that they were full of shit. When I tried to explain why I felt that way, when they began realizing that I was right, they freaked out, cursed at me, and tossed their "holy books" at my head. They are too scared to listen to us because they are too scared that we are right.

The Outcast: What did you say that freaked them out and made them think that you were right?

Satana: They got defensive; they started throwing their bible verses at me, telling me I was going to burn in hell. Why? For thinking on my own? I have gotten into so many confrontations with the sheep that I couldnít pin point what was said at the time exactly, but their response has always been the same. Defensive and shallow. They canít think for themselves, they have to quote the bible.

The Outcast: Would you agree or disagree that that is what everyone does when it comes to their own beliefs? People will always quote something from somewhere, either from a book or something else, in order to explain to a person their beliefs. Have you ever quoted anything from the Satanic Bible or from anything else to a person either in anger or just out of discussion regarding your views?

Satana: Itís one thing to take ideas, mix them with your own, and use them as a defense or reasoning. Everyone gets ideas from something else. Anton Lavey took a lot of what is said in the Satanic Bible from other philosophers. There is nothing wrong with that. But when people preach to you, quote the Bible, and cannot express any thoughts of their own minds, that is what I find disturbing. If you use your wit to preach to me, your life experiences, and things, I wonít listen to you, but more power to you. But if you endlessly quote scripture from some silly book, how in the world am I supposed to take you seriously?

The Outcast: Do you think people have a right to voice their opinion about a religion, or a "religious" belief without actually experiencing it?

Satana: I think that everyone has a right to think what they want and say what they want, even if the masses disagree. A Christian has the right to say what they want and even if I donít agree, I wonít deny them that right, even though they try their hardest to stop me from exercising that same right. As far as someone saying that they were a Christian or a Satanist and not actually experiencing it first hand and practicing what they preach, that is wrong and they are only misleading themselves

The Outcast: What was your life like before you got into metal? (Examples: Thoughts, personal beliefs on God/Satan if any, etc.)

Satana: I was never a Christian, and I was into Satanism long before metal was a part of my life, although they both have been with me a long time. I always hated church, even before I know what a Satanist was, so itís not like I saw Ozzy O. on MTV and decided that "Satanists are cool."

The Outcast: Do you believe that metal is actually the Devilís music? Why or why not?

Satana: Actually there are a few "real" Satanic bands. The few that there are though, are great. A couple notable ones being Acheron and the Electric Hellfire Club. How can one go wrong with satanic disco? I think that a lot of people think that death metal and Satanism go hand-in-hand, and that is not always true, but sometimes is. It just depends on the band I suppose.

The Outcast: Would you agree or disagree that metal, maybe not so much the music, but the contents/subjects that the bands sing/scream/growl about are pretty negative? What about other styles of music?

Satana: Once again it depends on each personís opinion and mind frame. Some may think that lyrics that talk about death and mutilation are negative, but then again I think that lyrics about God and shiny happy people are pretty damn offensive.

The Outcast: Do you think that by listening to lyrics about death, destruction, gore, Satan, the death of all that is holy, sexual contents, etc... can influence someoneís state of mind? Maybe making their lives/mood/state of mind a bit negative because theyíre exposed to it everyday if theyíre heavily into a style of music that tends to talk about negative subjects?

Satana: "Satan made me do it" is just as popular as "the music made me do it." People are constantly looking for a scapegoat, someone else to blame their own stupidity on. No, I donít think that music influences anybody, and if it does, that person was weak minded in the beginning and eventually would have done something stupid no matter what.

The Outcast: Do you think that Christian metal can actually exist? Do you think that it is a contradiction, metal and Christianity being in the same sentence? The whole "life style" that metal is categorized under (Ex: Sex, Drugs, Violence, etc...)

Satana: Christian "metal" is a joke. No one can scream bloody murder and growl to brutal guitars about Jesus and how he is lord of us all. That is just hilarious!

The Outcast: In your opinion do you believe that evil can be used for good and good for evil?

Satana: Once again, what is "evil?" What is "good?" Who decides what is okay and what is not? Good and evil are balanced in nature and they take their own course.

The Outcast: What is your definition of a hypocrite?

Satana: The true form of the word hypocrite can be a Christian or a Satanist. A hypocrite is anyone who preaches one thing and does another. It is one thing to admit that you change your mind, but it is a completely different thing to say that sex and lust is bad and then go fuck tender assed alter boys.

The Outcast: Tell me more about Y.A.C.. What do you hope to accomplish with this?

Satana: Youth Against Christ is an elitist organization that I started, along with my boyfriend, dark Powers that are dedicated to the extermination of Christian filth. It is not for kids, as people think from the name, itís for adults, 18 years and older only. I have members from 18 to 40; age above 18 is not an issue. It is designed to breed fighters, not physical, but mental. Make my members think, act in a non-violent way, protest, etc... Not that I am against violence, because Iím not. But my members are not stupid and wonít go to jail over such filth. We are brutal, intelligent people, with strong heads and the will to stand up against the lies that have plagued this country for over 2000 years. Soon there will be rallies, protests, bible burnings, and seminars. I want to make a stand and cause some chaos. I have seen first hand how our rights are infringed on a daily basis, and that is bullshit. Membership is growing, but not all applicants are accepted. Very few are actually.

The Outcast: Do you perform any kind of rituals, or are your beliefs merely in thought?

Satana: Actually, I perform rituals all the time, but I donít depend on them to help me. See, if I ran to the altar every time something went wrong, I would be no better than the Christians. Like a friend of mine put it so thoughtfully, I help myself. When I need something, I get it done the best I can. But I also think that rituals are a great way to cleanse your self, in the sense of releasing pent up anger, and the natural power that dwells within us all.

The Outcast: What is the point in performing rituals if you believe in yourself? Do you ask for things in prayer form? Do you have an alter and so forth? Is it a form of meditation?

Satana: Rituals are helpful in meditation. By getting rid of pent up aggression, compassion, lust, whatever you want. I do not deny the presence of dark forces, I never said that. Rituals are not like prayers. We donít get on our knees and beg for things, we make things happen. Yes, I personally have several altars. I perform rituals all the time. I believe in myself, just as much as I believe in the power of the ancient ones. It all works together.

The Outcast: What made you start SSS and how long do you plan on doing it?

Satana: I was helping a friend of mine with her Ďzine a few years back, and one day she disappeared. I never got a thank you for the help I did. I never even saw a final result. She just fell off the earth. So I thought, "Why the hell am I wasting my time helping someone else, why not do my own?" I have always loved to write and do design/layout. I loved reading the Ďzines my friends did, so I wanted one to call my own. I decided to do one that was art and literary based because there are way too many music Ďzines out there. I wanted to do one based on Satanic thought as well because I felt there were not any quality Satanic, informational publications around anywhere. I plan on doing it as long as I can, as long as it stays fun. As soon as it becomes a chore and a pain in the ass, I will stop.

The Outcast: How did you get a hold of Richard Ramirez? Were you surprised that he responded?

Satana: I had a friend who knew him. Well, he told me that Richard was looking for new, female pen pals and asked if I knew anyone who would like to write him. I volunteered gladly! Oh, I was so surprised when he responded. We have written over a year and developed a nice little friendship. I was still shocked as hell when he said "yes" to my interview for SSS.

The Outcast: What has been your favorite part/accomplishment about releasing SSS?

Satana: I love the fact that SSS gives me and others a chance to write and express ourselves through literature and artwork. SSS is full of radical thoughts, that most say it is way too "risky" and "offensive." I donít censor anything. Iíll run anything that I like and that tells the truth, as brutal as that is. I also love the fact that I can present an informative and entertaining look into REAL Satanistís minds and thoughts. I bring it raw, I bring it powerful, and I take great pride in that.

The Outcast: Favorite interview?

Satana: I donít think I really have one. It was a pleasure interviewing everyone I have talked with. I think some of my favorites would be Blakk of Angelkill, Scab of Hatespwan, (his humor offended everyone!), Rev. Vincent C. of Acheron, and of course Richard Ramirez!

The Outcast: Would you consider yourself a Laveyan Satanist or other?

Satana: In the beginning, yes. But as I grew older, learned more, and matured, I realized that there was so much more out there. I take things from myself and so many other philosophers, and mold them together into my own personal definition of what Satanism means to me.

The Outcast: Who are some of your favorite bands?

Satana: The Electric Hell Fire Club, The Cure, Leather Strip, Switchblade S., Acheron, Thrill Kill Kult, etc... I love anything from punk, the bloodiest death metal, to satanic disco!

The Outcast: What was life in high school like?

Satana: I hated high school. I was fucked with constantly, but most of the time it was me who was doing the fucking (so to speak.) People were scared of me and stayed away from me. I was "that freak girl" or that "witch" or whatever. I got into a lot of fights; even beat the shit out of boys. The teachers hated me because I didnít wear Tommy Hilfiger and act like a monkey. People say that high school is the best years of your life, ha! Try the worst. I like college much better because no one bothers you.

The Outcast: Thank you for the time and for your thoughts, any closing words?

Satana: Thanks for exposing the thoughts and views of so many different people. Even though half this issue is Christian, they have the right to freedom of speech just as much as I do. Besides, I need a good laugh. This was a really good idea Mike, I wish you the best. Hail Satan and Hail to all the strong willed out there. Death to the weak hearted who shall be trampled under cloven hooves.