Issue #5



In this issue:

• Interview with King Diamond

• Interview with Martin of Skyclad

• Interview with Lex Icon of The Kovenant

• Interview with Preston, Julie, Christy, Amy and Paul of My Scarlet Life


• Interview with I Hate You Mother Fucker creator, Chuck C. B. (via email)

• Interview with Troy Dunmire of Creature Preacher

• Interview with Steve Digiorgio

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Interview with I Hate You Mother Fucker creator, Chuck C. B. (via email)
By Mike Coles sometime in 2000

I Hate You Mother FuckerHereís a man that is loved by everyone (Heavy on the sarcasm!)! Chuck C. Bobuck is his name, well, sometimes, and hating you is his game! Chuck and I have a history together and it hasnít always been a good one, well, in the beginning anyway, why? Well, for starts, his Ďzine is called I Hate You Mother Fucker, so that should show you that he has a problem with humanity, but why? Well, maybe we can find out in our little chat. If youíre looking for a Ďzine with an attitude, or even if youíre not, give this man your support.

The Outcast: Why did you decide to quit doing your last Ďzine and continue with the one you publish now?

Chuck: I quit doing Killing the Conformist because at the time I was working two jobs, and I didnít have the time, or the money to do it. Then, when I did find the time and money, I decided to change the name and make it a Ĺ size Ďzine in order to cut costs. I got the name I Hate You Mother Fucker from a G.G. Allin flick where he was lying on a bed, and chanting; "I hate you...,etc..." over and over, and I thought to myself, "wow"! "What a cool name!" So I kept it as that. Besides, I needed a harsh name to match the "harsh" material that is inside the Ďzine. With a name like I.H.Y.M.F., I figure the easily offended and the weak will stay clear off this baby! And Iím going to continue doing the Ďzine, either until I die, become dirt fucking poor, or eventually out-grow it!

The Outcast: Is G.G. Allin the only influence behind the name, or does it have a personal meaning as well?

Chuck: Yeup, G.G. Allin is the only influence behind the name. I needed something really obscure for a name, so I picked that, so that the easily offended would stay clear from my obscure Ďzine. Makes since, right?

The Outcast: Who has been your favorite interview?

Chuck: Shit, itís hard to say! A majority of the interviews I get have all been good, so I really couldnít tell you. Iíll let my audience decide.

The Outcast: Who would you like to feature in future issues?

Chuck: Well, Iím currently working on issue #6 and it will feature interviews with Society's Burden and Devils Triangle Ďzine (This issue is already out.). When I finally reach issue #10 (anniversary issue), which Iím sure will be a few years from now, it will be a full size Ďzine, and will have several interviews and possibly a "Best of" section, and a whole bunch of other shit that I really havenít thought about yet.

The Outcast: If you had a chance to interview Motley Crue, would you and what kind of questions would you ask them?

Chuck: If I had the chance, I would definitely interview them. Iíd ask them questions like; "Whatís it like to be a homo-sexual?" and "When you play live, donít you hate it when your mascara and lip-stick falls off when you sweat?" Then Iíd ask them questions like; "Are you jealous of bands like Poison and Warrant because theyíre prettier than you?" and "I heard that you, Nitro, and Brittany Fox were going on tour and itís going to be called the "Fags on Wheels" tour. Is this true? Of course, they may take offense and slap me or sue me for sexual harassment, or some shit. Fucking pussies!

The Outcast: Who are some of your favorite artists, musically or other?

Chuck: Artists? Art is for Fags! This is the stuff I dig. All forms of metal, favorites include; Morbid Angel, Obituary, Slayer, Celtic Frost, Hallows Eve, Whiplash, Possessed, King Diamond, Voivod, Helloween, Overkill, Megadeth, Anthrax, Powermad, Death Angel, Faith Or Fear. Punk/Hardcore; Ludichrist, Murphys Law, D.R.I., Agnostic Front. 70's rock; Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, Blue Oyster Cult, Lynard Skynard, Kansas, Styx. 80's rock; Devo, David Bowie, Lionel Ritchie, Night Ranger, Lover Boy. But each band I have mentioned has their good and bad albums. I listen to just about everything except rap (or anything similar to that like Korn ), grunge, classical, and most country.

I Hate You Mother FuckerThe Outcast: Okay, here are some questions for ya Chuck that I hope you donít mind me asking. What do you want your epitaph to say?

Chuck: What do I care? Iíll already be dead!

The Outcast: Good point! How would you want to die?

Chuck: Well.... I never really thought about it. Old age, or maybe something quick, like maybe a bullet to the head, so I wonít have to suffer. The reason why I say die of old age, is like... live till Iím a hundred, and then just die in my sleep or something, so I can spend one hundred years getting my vengeance out on society, fuck Ďem all!

The Outcast: What do you mean by; "..so I can spend 100 years getting my vengeance out on society..?"

Chuck: You ever hear of (the movie) Poltergeist? Iíd haunt every son of a bitch thatís ever fucked me over!

The Outcast: That sounds like fun actually! What do you think would be the worst way to die and why?

Chuck: I can think of several. I think being burned to death would suck. Drowning would suck, so would being attacked by a vicious animal. Bleeding to death would suck, because it would be a slow and painful death. Dying of a painful and long lasting disease would also suck.

The Outcast: Yeah, youíve summed it up pretty well. How about best?

Chuck: Probably a gunshot to the head, either that or just simply dying in your sleep. (I guess thatís up there with how you would want to die, huh? - Mike - 2006)

The Outcast: What do you hope to find after you die?

Chuck: The truth! Is there a heaven? Is there a hell? Is there such a thing as reincarnation? I will find the truth! Iím also hoping to find Bruiser Brady and G.G. Allin.

The Outcast: What do you want to accomplish before you die, well, if you havenít already?

Chuck: I want to be able to say that Iíve been to all the States, and to be able to have enough money to live on.

The Outcast: What would heaven be like for you?

Chuck: I would own a huge mansion, and have about 60 wives that will obey my every command. I would make all females be my servants; theyíll cook me dinner, clean up after me, and give me the wildest and kinkiest sex imaginable! Then there will be a huge collection of music (CDís, videos, etc...), with the biggest and best entertainment center in the world. Every channel on TV would be dedicated to "The Three Stooges", "All in the Family", and Pro. Wrestling. I would never have to go to work, and I would never have to inner-act with society. My refrigerator will always be stocked with beer, pizza, tacos, and Chinese food.

The Outcast: How about hell?

Chuck: Just the opposite of above. I would live in a grass hut that gets blown over every time a thunderstorm came by. I would have to obey the commands of a fat, toothless, hairy, retarded homo-sexual guy, and would be forced to be his sex slave. I would never own any music, but would be forced to listen to rap, and classical music on a static filled boom box. Television would cater to childrenís programs, science-fiction, 90's sitcoms, golf, and MTV (That would be hell! - Mike). I would spend12 hours each and every day behind a customer service desk at a retail store. The only food available would be tofu, sour kraut, and rotten meat.

The Outcast: What is your opinion on religion?

Chuck: I think itís a waste of time. I canít believe that people actually get all dressed up every Sunday morning to go to some church full of mental detectives and child molesters to worship some dead hippie and to have some nerd in a uniform telling you that youíre evil and to give him your spare change so he can go buy a prostitute, and some pot. If people want to worship some bogus religion, thatís their business. Itís not for me.

I Hate You Mother FuckerThe Outcast: But you canít think that all religions are that way. Some are sincere in what they believe in.

Chuck: There are a few good points to religion, as far as morals go. But it is a shame and unfortunate that 99% of the "followers" are really evil people! Look, Iím no saint in any way, shape, or form, and I donít practice my religion, but Iíve got more honesty, love, and respect in my pinky finger than most people have in their bodies! A majority of these people Iím talking about are regular church goers! It seems that the entire world is only interested in their own gain, or their own lives and they donít really think about who they hurt in the process. It seems like plain and simple honesty doesnít exist anymore. Iíve been lied to and stabbed in the back by more "religious" people than I ever have by non-religious people. And isnít religion supposed to teach people how to be honest? Okay, how about all these abortion clinic bombers that kill "in the name of God?" Whatís up with that shit? Doesnít the Bible teach people not to kill? By these religious nuts doing stuff like this, they are no better than the abortion doctors! Itís still killing people, no matter what the reason is. All religion is, is a crutch for mental defectives, and a trend for rich people. Yeah, and whatís up with all these rich people going to church? They stomp and shit on everybody for their own financial gain, yet these mother fuckers go to church every Sunday! Isnít money the root of all evil? Then what the fuck are they doing there? And why, WHY do they pass a collection plate at church? So that the preachers can get paid, thatís why! Do you really think any of it goes to charities, or people who really need it? Hell no! I can go on forever about this, but Iím getting writerís cramp, so Iíll end it there.

The Outcast: Yeah, humanity can be an evil being, but again, you canít judge everyone like this. I know for a fact that the majority of the money that goes to most churches, not only provides the family and the preacher their NEEDS, but they use this money for missionary trips to spread Christísí message, and to help poor people out. Many churches have these trips that go to third world countries and build small houses for these people world wide, among other things (food, medical needs, and education). Iím not trying to bring what you say down, because I know exactly what you mean. Iíve been screwed over by many "religious" people who claim to practice a "good" religion, you know? But the bottom line and the point being, we can not judge the belief or the faith, rather the humanity behind it (we are all week creatures!). No one is perfect, as we all know, not even those who practice a faith. Another way we can look at it, I know what I believe in, and I know it is hard for everyone on this planet (including myself) to believe in this faith (Christ-like-philosophy), but what better way to destroy the good in one thing but by the way of an evil being (bad human or demon) to disguise it self in the "goods" name? If I were evil, deceit would be the best way to destroy the good in things, donít ya think? Once one has been abused in different ways (sexually, mentally, physically), I think it would be logical for one to lose confidence in humanity (or to lose ones faith), but there are sincere people left on this earth, no matter the beliefs/faith. At times it even seems that those who get "shit-on" the most in life are the ones who turn out to be the most sincere people on this planet, even if it tends to be a little hateful or confusing at times.

Chuck: Yeah, I agree with you on that.

The Outcast: What about Jesus Christ? What do you think of who he is and what he represented?

Chuck: I think heís a sandal wearing faggot hippie that took one too many acid trips, and told a bunch of gullible morons one day; "Hey man, these dudes nailed my hands to this cross and stuff, and I died... then I came.. like.. back to life! This God dude like, brought me back to life and stuff." Then these geeks decide to believe him and write a book about him. These same geeks gave birth to even bigger morons, which created the ignorant society we have today.

The Outcast: Hmm.... Do you seriously think that the things written and that are mentioned in the bible were written by some hippie on an acid trip? Have you ever read the bible? I can tell you now that the things written in there are not from a hippie on an acid trip. Well, actually, you could argue with me on that one with revelations, but the things written in there as far as the morals and everything it says about life, is no way written in an unintelligible way. You ought to check it out for yourself and not go by what you think you know or from what you hear from other people.

I Hate You Mother FuckerChuck: No, I can honestly say that I have never, in the twenty-five years on this planet, ever read the bible. I learned morals through my parents and my over all surroundings. I know whatís right and wrong. I try to treat people the same way that I would like to be treated, but it seems like no matter how nice you are to someone, they always try and take advantage of you. Morals used to exist (Not really dude. - Mike), but not anymore. There are still a few die-hardís out there, like myself, that believe in marriage, and to be committed to one person, but itís not just male/female relationships, this goes for plain, simple friendships too. Like I said before, everyone is so worried about what they can get out of a person, and they donít stop and realize about whom they hurt in the process; it can be money, love, and sex, whatever. People only think about themselves, and theyíll lie, cheat, and steal from you in order for them to get what they want. Once they get it, they no longer have any use for you! Iíve never used anyone like this, and it makes the truly honest people, such as my self, look bad. Out of all the "users" out there, how many of them have ever read the bible? .

The Outcast: Hmmm... Well, off to other topics for the moment. In your opinion, do you think that because of movies ("Faces of Death", "Traces of Death", etc...) TV programs, stories, etc... about death, and the graphic violence in the movies/TV, that people donít really look at death as a big thing, and what I mean by this is that people have lost all respect for life and humanity and not really value life for what it is?

Chuck: Itís possible. I havenít really thought about it. I also think that most people are afraid to die, therefore they donít talk about it or think about it. I canít speak for others, but I enjoy programs like those because I like to see people suffer! Ha, ha! I like to sit there, watch that shit, drink a beer, and think to myself; "Wow, check that out! Better them than me!!" You know that sort of thing. Whenever I think my life sucks, I always watch some kind of TV program and thereís always a bigger loser on there than me, therefore Iím glad they televise programs like these. But about your question, I really donít have a clue.

The Outcast: Do you really believe youíre a loser? I somewhat know you, and I do not think you are a loser at all. So quit being hard on yourself! As for saying you like to see people suffer. If you were right there in front of the person who was suffering, wouldnít you help them out instead of letting them suffer?

Chuck: I donít think I am a loser, but everyone else thinks so! I donít know why. I can keep up a job, I pay my bills, and Iím truthful, most of the time. Iím fun to be around with, Iím in decent physical shape, I have a normal IQ level, and I just donít know what the problem is. Yeah, if I was actually in front of a person whom was suffering, of course Iíd help them (unless I knew them and they were a jerk)! What kind of a cruel person do you take me for!?

The Outcast: What is your #1 philosophy in life?

Chuck: Life sucks!

The Outcast: Do you really believe that? Itís what you make of it Chucky boy!

Chuck: Man, I try to make life fun and as good as it possibly can get, but someone, or something, fucks me over every time!! Why!?!?

The Outcast: Got me, but what can we do but keep on going, ya know? Okay, if you could change one thing about yourself, what would you change and why?

Chuck: I wish I was thinner, better looking, and more tolerable of bullshit and stupidity.

The Outcast: But donít you think that is societies fault? Society has put it in the minds of humanity that you have to look, dress, and act a certain way, or youíre considered, yes, you guessed it, an outcast! If it wasnít for this DAMNED society, and THE mind set, we would all be in better shape I think.

Chuck: Yeah, it does, but you know what? Iíve been a person that never really cared about what other people think. Iíve always been an outcast, and was the type of kid that was shy and quiet. I got picked on a lot. I used to be the "fat kid" when I was in elementary school, but when I got into high school, I became a metal head, which according to society, I was automatically labeled a drug addict, a Satanist, a moron, whatever the teachers or preppies thought of me. Yeah, sometimes theyíd say it to my face (the preppie kids), but only when there was a gang of them. That shit really pissed me off! And yes, I do agree with you that personality is more important than looks because A) you are not going to be young forever, and once you get old, your looks/body will go to shit, and B) would you rather have a girl with good looks with a crappy personality, whom you canít get along with, or an ugly chick who is totally cool, whom you see eye to eye with and get along with most of the time? Iíd rather have the ugly chick, they are a lot less stressful, and donít have that "you have to kiss my ass because Iím gorgeous and I can get any man I want" attitude. But me personally, I would like to be thinner and better looking for the simple fact that I could fuck any chick I want and would never have to worry about anyone wanting me or being lonely.

The Outcast: Well, on to more serious topics. I noticed that on one of your last issues, the cover was you and King Kong Bundy. How was it meeting him and was he a cool guy? Were you honored by his big bear hug that made "Special Delivery Jones" give up in 8 seconds into the match back in the 80ís?

Chuck: Hell yeah, Bundy is the shit! Heís a real friendly guy and he doesnít have one of those "Iím a star, you are a piece of shit" attitudes like some other pro-wrestlers have (like Cowboy Bob Orton for example). I guess Iím honored by this, cuz I certainly wouldnít want to see a punk ass loser like S.D. Jones beat ANYBODY, especially a man as great as K.K. Bundy!

The Outcast: My favorite wrestlers used to be Kamala the Ugandan Giant and the Missing Link. Whoís your all time favorite wrestler? If you could wrestle anybody, who would it be and why?

Chuck: Ah, here we go! Hands down, may favorite wrestler of all times the legendary Bruiser Brody! That guy was a fucking nut! This dude was hardcore, even back when wrestling wasnít! A close second would have to go to Abdullah the Butcher. Heís another one of those guys that was hardcore and would bloody, maim, and practically KILL a guy for entertainment! Shit, put those two guys together and they would make E.C.W. look like Sesame Street! I agree with you on Kamala, I really liked him too, even though he had limited wrestling skills. I remember the days when Kamala would wrestle three guys at the same time and beat the crap out of them all! I never really got into the Missing Link that much, but I loved his gimmick. Some of my other favorites include Cactus Jack (um..I mean "Mankind"), Terry Funk, Stan Hansen, Jerry "The King" Lawler, "Rowdy" Roddy Piper, Billy Jack Haynes, Dean Malenko, Eddie Guerrero, and several more. Who would I want to wrestle and why? I donít know. Iíve always hated those "pretty boy" wrestlers like Tito Santana, "Buff" Bagwell, and Rick Martel, so Iíd have to start a feud with those bums. If I was a wrestler, Iíd be one of those crazy brawler guys that lives for blood shed!

I Hate You Mother FuckerThe Outcast: Any closing words my friend?

Chuck: Thanks for the interview and the never ending support! Mike, you rule and so does your Ďzine! Good luck with it!

(Due to the zine not existing any more, and probably not having the correct address, I have purposely left out his address and certain info. regarding wrestling tapes, trading, and such. No offense Chuck/Andy, wherever you may be. - Mike - 2006 )