Mike's Metal Moments & Other Assorted Memories

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Matt, Gene Hoglan, Terry, and I
Johny and I
Mike and Jorgen Sandstrom (ex-Grave)
My room when I lived in Texas
My room
King Diamond and I
Mercyful Fate clan ripping me apart!
Lee Dorian and I
Tony, Chris Barnes, and I
Jack and I, while making a mockery of me!
Megan, Jeff H., and I
Terry, Matt, Nick H., Mille P., and I
Terry, Tony, Trevor, Mike, some dude we don't know next to me and Matt in the back.
1/2 of Carcass and 1/2 of the usual "gang." I do believe we let someone with no camera skills take this picture!
John, Terry, Barney Greenway, Mike, Matt, and Tony
Dudes from Sinister and I
Kurt B. and I

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