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Introduction for The Outcast - January, 2022

The Outcast was born in the summer of 1996 when my buddy and I split ways doing Before Dawn zine due to me wanting to cover other genres besides Black Metal, something he did not want to do. Although some issues of The Outcast were printed out (click on thumbnails for interviews), due to time, money, and not to mention being able to cover more ground, I felt it was better to put it all on-line and go paperless. I chose that name because I have always felt "out of place." When I first moved to this country from Mexico City, my sister and I were called every racist name in the book towards Mexicans, and due the area we moved to not having ESL programs, it was DO or DIE learning English. I felt we did pretty good considering the circumstances. But other than getting picked on for being from another country and not speaking English as kids, I have always felt like an outcast among outcasts due to my spiritual and political beliefs and the music that I listen to that I LOVE; METAL and EDM!!

Various contributors were involved with The Outcast at one point in time when it was on paper format, but with time, everyone drifted away due to all of us moving away and now being busy with family obligations.

Depending on the issue, or how old the interview may be that you may be brave enough to read, one will notice two different Mike's (me) and definitely different types of questions/interviews. When I first started The Outcast, I felt it was your typical fanzine with some typical questions depending on who was getting interviewed regarding the music more so than the personal questions I started asking after I had a life changing experience. What I mean by that, I started playing "Devils Advocate" with my questions and started shifting my questions towards themes about life, death, spirituality, religious upbringing, etc., more so than the music; respectively. My favorite quote from an interview came from Bart from SINISTER when at the end of the interview he asked me if I was going to ask him any questions regarding the music or the new album, and I replied that I was leaving all of those kinds of questions to all of the other magazines asking the same old questions. He laughed and said....

Go read the interview ya lazy bums!! Hahahaha!!

The thing that I have learned with time, but more specifically now with the social media age (Hatebook), if one shares on social media what one believes in and that belief system is not the same as the other person's that may be reading whatever it may be, MANY have accepted the LIE, that that person must hate you for thinking different or for having different beliefs. Yes, maybe some folks will be hateful and are religious bigots, but not everyone is the same, or thinks with a hate filled heart (like me) just for having different views. We may never see eye to eye but that DOES NOT mean I hate you (or anyone for that matter), or automatically makes you my enemy, ya know?

Yes, I have posted some silly memes and have shared stories about my beliefs that have made some folks stop following me, and even block me all together, but why? Why do people only want to be friends on social media with folks with the same mindset? Why are my beliefs or anyone's beliefs a threat to others?

Are people really that weak minded that other peoples views "hurt them?" Where is the open mindedness? Where is the mutual respect and understanding? Why must one be "enemies" with another person because they do not share the same ideologies? Now, please do not be foolish with my words and twist my words. Obviously I wouldn't be friends with someone claiming to be a pedophile, or be open minded towards that mindset, but hopefully one will understand what I am trying to say here. One doesn't have to be "buddy, buddy" or hang out in order for folks to mutually respect one another over their differences, right? Or am I delusional?

For the most part, unless one has read past articles or some of the interviews I have conducted with the bands, most of you may not be aware that I am a believer and follower of Jesus Christ. And no, not because of my upbringing or because I was told to. Yes, I am a Christian whom goes to church and tries really hard to live according to Christ's teachings, but whom also listens to secular music, Heavy Metal music at that, loves to mosh, and apparently this doesn't please most humans.

On one side I have Metal heads whom thought I was "cool" and bands who really appreciated me taking pictures of their band, often times for free, but then once some of these fine folks checked out my articles or interviews and saw what I believed in, they ended up blocking me or unfriending me on fb due to my faith in Christ or "political views." Was I not showing love for my art in photography and in Metal by taking pictures of your band for free? Am I not helping you promote your band in my zine/site for the love of Metal even if I do not agree with what you preach in your lyrics? My point? Did I ever once say to you what I believed in and try and "shove" my beliefs "down your throat?" No. Why? Because that isn't me. It happened to me growing up and I hated it. I believe in things happening naturally as they did at this past F.T.A. III with two certain individuals whom found out what I believed in at the festival. It was a really cool discussion with them both and I really appreciated them not judging me or criticizing me for my faith as some of my close non Christian Metal head friends are known to do (still). So why the hate yo!?

And on the other side I have believers in Christ whom say I'm not a "true Christian" for listening to a particular style of music. It's a good thing that God judges our hearts and our faith and not a style of music we are choosing to listen to, huh? Silly humans......

In closing, it sucks that there are so many things on this earth that separates us in general as a species, and not just with religion and politics (divide and conquer). It sucks that I get judged (still) from humans on both sides for listening to a particular style of music (Heavy Metal music) and for being a follower of Christ. The thing that I finally learned on my own growing up and through study is that Christianity is NOT what I expected it to be or what I was taught in a Catholic home/church. Jesus Christ was not whom I expected him to be until I started reading the Bible on my own and his Spirit started revealing things to me, not only about my self and what I needed to let go of, but about who He really was (not religion or religious dogma). Yes, some things may need to be interpreted or taught by an elder of the church, but for the most part, I feel everything is pretty much self explanatory. Again, if you want to talk to me about Christ or anything I said, send me a message or call, but please, no haters!! If you want to block me now or unfriend me now due to WHO I AM and for believing in Christ, go right ahead, you won't be the first or the last..... Paz locos!!

Issue #1
Issue #1
Issue #2
Issue #2
Issues #3 & 4
Issues #3 & #4
Issue #5
Issue #5
Issue #6
Issue #6
This and the second issue were spiral-bound, looking like an old-school note book, a "gimmick" that caught the reader's eye. Although catching the reader's eye, this "gimmicks" cost was outrageous, adding to the already high cost that went along with printing a magazine simply by using a photocopying machine. Something that was soon to change after the release of the second issue. I made the mistake on this 112 pager in combining issues 3 and 4. The majority of the interview questions were on one page, with the replies on another, forcing the reader to flip back and forth. Now you can read these interviews without that problem here. This double-issue marked the first "professional" printing of The Outcast. With this issue, I decided to use my own photography for my cover, something I did for my final issue as well. The cover and the overall layout (gracias Aaron!!) made The Outcast look more proffesional as a whole. This time around, I didn't have the questions on a seperate page. This issue was the last one on which I served as editor. After this issue's release, Lieff (the assistant editor) took over. Although mine and Lieff's Outcast differed greatly in personality, the main theme was always the same - METAL.

WARNING: The subject matter contained within may not be suitable for young or closed minds.

If you:

  • are under the age of 18,
  • don't listen to or can't stand heavy metal music,
  • can't handle stories regarding life and death, or
  • can't handle and respect the opinions expressed by individuals within these pages (whether they are religious, anti-religious, Christ-like, Satanic, etc.)

...please leave now. To each his own, respect everyone, you have been warned.

The beliefs and stories expressed within this site concern myself and are my beliefs/stories. They may not reflect the feelings of others that are currently or have been affiliated with The Outcast.

Sincerely, Mike Coles
Death metal band sung in Spanish featuring me on vocals. Unreleased tracks from '98 recording.


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